The Hype of Smorgasburg

So friends, as some of you might know, Smorgasburg has been running every Saturday at Pier 5 in Williamsburg (scroll down for the exact location) since the end of May, and on November 21st, it will be the end of its outdoor season.  With a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline, the fall might be an even better time to go than the summer due to the cooler weather and the changing of the leaves. Smorgasburg opened many locations this summer, including Coney Island, Fort Greene, South Bridge Seaport, Prospect Park, and Queens.

With just a few weeks left, you might want to stop by and check out all of the delicious food vendors such as the infamous “Ramen Burger,” lobster rolls, fresh coconuts, or ice cream sandwiches! But if you can’t make it within the next few weeks — fear no more! This past weekend, Smorgasburg teamed up with Brooklyn Flea and began an indoor location in Sunset Park that will operate until March 2016.  Through this winter season, visitors can shop furniture, jewelry, and clothing while also still getting the trendiest food options from the top 40 vendors Smorgasburg chose.  With many people pro-Smorg, claiming it is one of the best outdoor food events NYC ever had, people are stoked about moving Smorgasburg indoors.

Taken from:
Taken from:—williamsburg-27-n-6th-st-brooklyn-ny/?pid=explorebk

For those who do not know what Smorgasburg is, it is an event that occurs every weekend in multiple locations where you can try many different food options from vendors that usually do not have their own restaurant.  So, in essence, Smorgasburg is pretty unique! From specialty drinks to dessert, they have just about everything.  (Note: look out for FREE SAMPLES!) Although Smorgasburg is free admission, visitors should be careful about burning a huge hole in their pockets afterward.  In my personal experience, I spent maybe over $30 in just a freshly cut coconut, a Good Batch ice cream sandwich, a brisket sandwich, and an ice cold lemonade. The “Ramen Burger” is definitely a crowd pleaser; it is that strange sandwich you’ve been seeing all over your social media. Voted one of “The 17 Most Influential Burgers of All Time” by Time Magazine, The Ramen Burger is an $8 a beef patty doused in ‘secret sauce,’ topped with scallions and spicy arugula and sandwiched in with two ramen patties from Sun Noodle replacing the burger buns.

The Ramen Burger- Keizo Shimamoto
The Ramen Burger- Keizo Shimamoto

At first, I was a little thrown off by the ‘hype’ that all my friends were giving this event though Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook posts.  However, when I tried it myself this summer, I couldn’t resist eating almost everything there.  One food I highly recommend is the brisket sandwich from Mighty Quinn’s BBQ.  It was totally worth the line, especially since I don’t eat brisket that often.  For only $9, you will get a slow cooked, crispy brisket sandwich that you can top with cucumbers, cole slaw, barbecue sauce, and peppers. It is a perfect size that will give you just the right amount ‘full.’

Mighty Quinn's BBQ Brisket Sandwich - Amelia Edwards
Mighty Quinn’s BBQ Brisket Sandwich – Amelia Edwards

Now that I gave you inside scoop of Smorgasburg, it is up to yourself to decide whether it is worth the hype. I definitely recommend the visit!


90 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Trains nearby: the L to Bedford Avenue

Parking: May be a little difficult to find a spot, but after 15 minutes I did find a spot without paying for a meter.  There are parking garages on North 5th St. west of Kent Ave, N. 3rd St. (between Kent + River), and on Berry St. (between 3rd + 4th St.).


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