Find Your Sweet Escape at Alice’s Tea Cup

Let’s face it, it is extremely difficult to find restaurants or cafes in Manhattan that are inexpensive, yet trendy.  I mean, do you really want to keep eating $1 pizza in St. Mark’s for the rest of your life, or that same old Subway sandwich? Well, luckily for you NYC-lovers, there is a cute, fun cafe that has made 3 locations in NYC: Alice’s Tea Cup.

From soups, to salads and sandwiches, to sweet treats, Alice’s Tea Cup is a perfect mixture of great food and a quaint atmosphere, almost all for under $15. I’ve been to this ‘tea house’ many times over the past few years with my family and friends, and I have to say, the hot chocolate is probably the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had ($6).

Walking through the streets of Manhattan, there is definitely a possibility that you have missed this place.  Alice’s Tea Cup is not very flamboyant with their outside decor, but once you step inside, the cafe is full of Alice in Wonderland trinkets and cute odds and ends. The tea cups are huge, along with the tea pots; Alice’s Tea Cup really gives you that feeling that you re in a mystic world, just like the ‘Wonderland’ most of us had read about or seen in the Disney movies.

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The locations of Alice’s Tea Cup are divided into “Chapters,” with Chapter I being at 102 W 73rd Street, Chapter II at 156 E 64th Street, and Chapter III at 220 E 81st Street. Each chapter has a slightly different menu, but all of them serve, breakfast and brunch. While Chapter I is the first location opened and with the largest Alice in Wonderland Store, Chapter II is the largest restaurant and serves tea-infused cocktails. Chapter III is different from the rest because it is the prime location for custom cakes, parties, and catering, and closes slightly earlier than the other two locations.

I must say, I would definitely come to Alice’s Tea Cup for the pastries and dessert. There are so many different things to choose from, like scones, crepes, cakes, and mousses.

However, the eggs, salads, and sandwiches are just as delicious, and it is a pretty decent-sized plate for such a good price. And also, just like most themed-restaurants, there is a gift shop at Chapter I where you can buy plenty of Alice In Wonderland-type of goods.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the Wonderland in Alice’s Tea Cup!


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