Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

When you first think of Brooklyn, you most likely think of Williamsburg or Coney Island before anything else.  However, there is a hidden gem of a neighborhood called Dyker Heights which is located near the Verrazano Bridge and infamous Bensonhurst.Dyker Heights is slowly increasing its popularity due to their Christmas Lights displays. Each December, 100,000 tourists from all over the world visit this small neighborhood’s lavish homes and their extravagant lights and decorations for the holiday season.

Being from Dyker Heights, it is astounding to see the amount of tourists.  Since the closest train station is the D Train leaving people off at 79th Street and New Utrecht Avenue, my family and I get to see tourists walking up our block up to the mini mansions and the hectic-ness.  We have spoken to families and couples from Spain, Italy, China, and outside states.  However, by train and by foot is not the only way you can get to the displays.  You guessed it — bus tours and walking tours — surround the neighborhood!



Mentioned on Conan O’Brien and a PBS Documentary, the Dyker Lights displays are breathtakingly gorgeous, with some costing well over $20,000 due to their extremely high electric bills and house-decorating companies.  The most beautiful homes are located between 11th Avenue to 13th Avenue and from 83rd to 86th Street.  Two homes — the Spata house (with Santa outside, played by family members) and the Polizzotto house (with 29-foot motorized wooden soldiers) — were among the first families to begin the tradition of elaborate decorations in the neighborhood in the 1980’s.


Many of these homes have characters outside, such as Elmo or Mickey Mouse, to take pictures with children and families in order to raise money for charities.

Well, what are you waiting for? Take the trip to Dyker Heights where you can see the most beautiful Christmas decorations around!



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